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5 Best Javy Coffee Recipes

If you're curious about what you can do with Javy, then you're at the right place! Whether you like hot or cold coffee, we’ve got a recipe for you! ☕ We've curated five of our best Javy Microdose recipes in this blog just for you.  Javy Iced Coffee Javy Iced Coffee 1 tsp of Javy Microdose 8 oz water a handful of ice 🧊 Process: Find your favorite cup or glass Add 8oz of water Add a handful of ice 🧊 Stir with your Javy straw Sip in the deliciousness! 😋 Javy Cappuccino  Javy Cappuccino  1 tsp of Javy Microdose 1/4 cup of milk  Process: Grab your favorite cup or mason jar   Add ¼ cup of milk (hot or cold;...

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